The Skyraider

The Skyraider Aircraft was produced by the Americans in the 1940s. This plane also did service with The British Royal Navy. This aircraft is one of my favorites ever, I love it’s simple yet terrifying design and look. It´s known for last a long time and be able to the pilot through some pretty dirty situations. This aircraft has done a lot, if not it all. Here are some specs about the plane and a video. Check it out!

  • 2800 Horse Power
  • 515 km/h – 320 mph
  • 4,785 kg heavy
  • max weight – 11,400 kg
  • 15.47m wingspan
  • 4.8m height
  • 3180 units made
royal navy skyraider
4 British Royal Navy Skyraiders. What a view!


 Skyraider 2